Navigate flavors of the Mediterranean in Seoul

요리 2023-12-05 20:47:36 12644

In the vibrant streets of Seoul where culinary diversity flourishes, authentic Mediterranean establishments remain a rarity.

Located in the residential neighborhood of Ichon-dong, just a ten-minute walk from the National Museum of Korea, Kantina is an inviting restaurant specializing in Mediterranean cuisine.

Marked by its distinctive blue sign and interior, the establishment reflects the city's gradually increasing fondness for Mediterranean flavors, since its opening in 2021.

Kantina has some 30 dishes on the menu, including appetizers, flatbreads, pasta and rice dishes, as well as lasagna and several main dishes. Lee Kyu-na, the 34-year-old owner-chef of Kantina, meticulously curated each menu item, drawing inspiration from her travels across Greece, Spain, Italy and Turkey.




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